Compromising on all your dieting habits when it comes to the consumption of wine is not the right thing to do. By doing so, you are not only hindering the progress of your diet but also putting a stop to your healthy lifestyle. So the time to prevent the same has already begun. But that does not mean that you have to give up wine. Instead, you need to know the right way to consume the same because you can drink wine and stay thin. Want to know how? Well, go ahead and read it out. Also remember there is no better way to enjoy your drink than with a great glass from


1. The Calories

Before consuming wine, you need to know all about the calorie content in the bottle. Most wines have around 92-175 calories per glass. But you need to be sure about the same before going ahead to consume it. Since alcohol calories tend to digest differently in our body, it is vital that you be aware of this piece of information. Once you understand the same, you should draft a plan that allows you to consume the right amount and nothing beyond a particular limit.

2. Never drink before eating

The habit of drinking wine before eating has shown to increase appetite and raise the need to have more. So by all means, you should not be drinking before eating, and it can also deter the progress of your diet. But in case you love to cook and drink at the same time, then you need to form a method that splits the drink into two servings of 3 ounces each.

3. Earn the drink

Consider a glass of wine to be a sort of a trophy that should be earned. As a result, you need to exercise and perform every single aspect mentioned in your diet plan. By doing so, you have earned the right to drink wine, and it needs to be done within a limit. But in case you skip exercise, then you should not even be thinking about drinking wine.

4. Red Wine

Red wine is known to have much higher antioxidants when compared to other types of wine. So consuming red wine sounds like the right fit and you need to switch. But before you do so, look into the alcohol level of drink and ensure that it is kept below 13.4% ABV.

Red Wine

5. The Value

Bottles that are a lot more expensive will raise the need to extend the period of consumption. Since you have spent a lot of your hard-earned money on the drink, you will want to keep things slow and enjoy every single sip of the process. So spend a lot on a bottle of wine and consume it gradually.